Buckwheat Bread

Photo Credit: ikeX

I am currently high fiving the air!

I have finally managed to make bread without the intense labour and inherent pittfalls I thought possible when combating home made bread.

I didn’t have to culitvate a sour dough culture, kneed  dough until perfectly formed or use more than three ingredients!

I’ve tried sourdough before, and failed miserably. 

Am I happy? Yes!

It is truly the simple kitchen successes that make me really satisfied!

I like buckwheat – out of all the grains I find this and white rice the most digestible. Most grains- as quite a few people are slowly gathering –  are coated in toxic anti-nutrients such as lectins, gluten, and phytates. It makes sense that they do- as plant matter, they have few defence mechanisms to protect themselves- while animals can out run or kill a predator, plants rely on outer ‘toxins’ in order to defend themselves from the dreaded consumption.

Lectins can assist in puncturing holes in your intestinal lining, thereby reducing your bodies ability to absorb key nutrients.

Gluten causes gut inflammation in at least 80% of the population 

and another 30% of the population develops antibodies against gluten proteins in the gut. With the gut being the key to all over vital health – it is little wonder why so many people fill, sick, fat, tired and depressed.

Phytates make minerals in the beautiful food your prepare bio’unavailable’, if you will. So you spend time and care investing in veggies, nice lean protein and siding it with a ‘healthy whole grain’, only for your hard work to be made null and void by the phytates in your serving of brown rice or quinoa…to name but a few.

Buckwheat too- has nutrient inhibitor phytic acid- but it also has plenty of phytase, an enyme required to break down phytic acid. Thus- with proper processing and a little patience most of the anti nutrients in buckwheat can be significantlty reduced.

So – while I generally don’t eat many grains due to an already compromised gut , I find little problem with adding a well prepared buckwheat dish into my life.


500g raw organic buckwheat

A few good tablespoons of Goats Milk Yoghurt (or whatever you digest best)

Pinch of Celtic Sea Salt


1. Soak your buckwheat overnight in some filtered water, along with a pinch of the Celtic Sea Salt.

2. The next morning, drain your buckwheat and rinse thoroughly until all the thick starch has been removed. You will know this as the water will run clean.

3. Add the drained buckwheat to a food processor on the ‘s’ blade along with 3- 4 good tablespoons of yoghurt and a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt. Blitz until a wet dough forms.

3. In a lined loaf tin (I like to use this baking paper) pour in your dough

4. Leave on your kitchen bench for a few hours (or even overnight) to allow it to ‘ferment’ slightly

5. Cook for an hour on a low heat (say 140 degrees) until a knife comes out clean.

6. Allow to rest then slice. I usually get 12 thin slices or 10 nice slabs. Up to you!

…This bread is delicious with one of my favourite things….tinned sardines!

Crack open a tin of your finest and smear it on with a bit of fresh tomato and black pepper…heaven!


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