Hot Peppermint Chocolate

Photo Credit: porschelinn

It’s getting chilly here in Sydney – and we all know at this time of year, how we long for the cold comforts of warming soup, rich creamy mugs of hot chocolate or latte’s sipped from clutched mugs.

Contrary to popular opinion- Winter comforts foods needn’t be relegated to the ‘sin’ basket. Yes- food should be hearty, nourishing and comforting at this time of year. You should never neglect your need to indulge in foods that warm the soul-

which is why I am a huge advocate of comforting drinks that soothe your tummy – rather than leaving it like an inflated pool toy.

This is where my signature Hot Peppermint Chocolate comes into play.

My favourite beverage that calms my stomach and quells my appetite for chocolate (unless I am in need of some fat)



– Quality peppermint tea

– 1 tsp cocoa powder

– 1 tsp liquid stevia ( I like this brand)


1. Grab your favourite loose leaf peppermint tea or if needs be a good quality tea bag. I love this brand. It is an intense Peppermint flavour that has a lot of depth. I rarely think tea is indulgent but this brand certainly is!

2. If using loose leaf peppermint tea- remember one tsp for the ‘pot’ one ‘tsp’ for the person rule- so in this case, two teaspoons of fresh tea into your strainer. Place the tea strainer in your bag, along with one tsp of cocoa powder and 1 tsp of liquid stevia.

3. Boil your water, let rest for 30 seconds then pour into your cup. Steep for 3 minutes, remove tea strainer, stir and enjoy!


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