Craving Makes Us Human

You’d think that writing constantly about what’s good for you- that I would be able to practice what I preach. However- I have a confession to make – I am powerless when it comes to Almond Butter and Chocolate. The darker the better.

Every-time I tell myself I will share the chocolate with my boyfriend- he restrains himself to one row of chocolate leaving me with the inevitable task of devouring the remaining five. Ahh, will-power, how you evade me!

Will-power, however, is hard to muster when we are genetically predisposed to love/want/crave indulgent foods. After all, the constant uncertainty of famines once upon a time meant binging and feasting were necessary for basic survival.  

The problem with this genetic ‘flaw’ is that we have so much exposure to so much food. All of this food is primed to taste AMAZING and reinforces our desire for more – ergo our addiction in the form of food is prevalent and rising.

Large companies strategically buy out whole front store displays in an attempt to place their product within eyes reach- which is why it is so easy to pop in that last Mars Bar into your trolley when all you wanted to do was pay and leave.

These ingredients- when grabbed nonchalantly then become a habitual part of your diet without you even realising. More often than not- they also contain a host of addictive ingredients which leave you wanting more and creating food allergies that were not seen some fifty years ago. Think Gluten, Dairy, Wheat and Soy- All common food allergies and ones that are eaten constantly by the masses. Don’t believe me? Log your food intake- cereal and milk for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, afternoon chocolate snack, pasta for dinner….see my point?

So what to do?

The next time you see yourself in the same pattern of craving- stop and listen!

Realise this is a behavior trait that can be changed and try to implement a plan of attack so you don’t fall victim.

Some of my preferred methods of attack?

  1. Add before you subtract: crowd out your plate with so much good food- that trying to fit in bad food is nigh impossible.
  2. Do something else- take a bath instead- go for a walk. Do something that is polar opposite to your initial desire.
  3. Hydrate – if you are stuck in the office- only let yourself have the item of food you crave- once you polish off a cup of green tea or water. Often you will find- your desire for thirst far out quenches your need for sugar

How about you- what strategies do you implement in order to combat your genetic tendencies? Have a think about what foods you crave- you will often find these are exactly the foods that are making you eat more!


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