Detox Smart Not Hard!



Given the nature of what I LOVE to research –  it goes with the territory the readings I peruse are at times a hive of information on the latest fad diet and “must-eat” superfood for lasting weight-loss. Detox’s particularly at this time of year – are big on everyone’s to do list. I have to admit – each and every time I hear these words being circulated by one of my hard working clients – I want to cringe.

The very nature of the environment we live in – regardless whether you are a city our country dweller – means we are absorbing toxins every day. This is a reality and unless you were born in a plastic bubble, you can’t escape it.  On the plus side – our bodies are naturally detoxifying all the time. But if you’re getting more in than you can get out, they’ve got to go somewhere and they tend to get stored in your fat.

That’s why we want to detoxify every day.

The problem with ‘cleanses’ is that we tend to think of them as an extreme. Where you drink water, maple syrup, lemon and cayenne pepper and don’t eat for a week. Which, we will see, isn’t one of the most cleansing and amazing things you can possibly do.

In its rudimentary form detoxification has two phases. Once you understand these two phases and see your body’s ability to detox in this light – I am quite sure you will see the fallacy of strict somewhat ridiculous ‘cleanses’.

Let’s see how we detoxify.

Firstly – our body tries to make toxins in a form for easy removal. It does this by trying to make them water soluble.

If though we are getting too many toxins, our bodies won’t be able to make ALL our toxins water soluble and they are stored in our fat. This is why I am emphatic about organic cosmetics. It is one of the simplest ways of combating excess toxins.

Now that our bodies have made them ready to escape – we need to usher them out. In order for our bodies to do this, we need amino acids. This is where protein comes in to play.

Limited amino acids in your body = stalemate in getting toxins out of your body.

Now…where in a week of Master cleanse or juice only diets, do you get abundant protein? Certainly drinking lots of hydrating juice or water will ignite the first phase of detoxification – getting the body to release the toxins into a more water soluble form – but there will be a limited ability for your body to remove them as you aren’t ingesting any protein. So now, you have all these circulating toxins in your body and there is no way of them getting out.

What do they do from here? They create stress and inflame your body.

Little wonder then that people complain of massive headaches, rashes and lethargy when they are detoxing.

Yes they are removing toxins INTO the body but they AREN’T leaving your system. Detoxing shouldn’t be painful, so when I hear people saying they “Feel crap so it has to be working” it takes a lot of self discipline to prevent me from telling them that they are probably aging their bodies and encouraging cellulite. Harsh I know.

My piece of advice is to detox EVERYDAY. Drink water to get phase one of the detoxification process firing, fill up on fibre to allow the food you eat and the toxins you accumulate to be swept out of your system and ensure you eat protein with EVERY meal. If you want to do a juice only cleanse – try to incorporate at least two clean organic protein shakes each day to ensure you are just as capable of removing toxins as you are in converting them to an easy water soluble form. Got it?

Master Cleanse officially over.



2 thoughts on “Detox Smart Not Hard!

  1. Interesting stuff – so clearly articulated,too! I was thinking of doing a Schkinny Maninny cleanse (or similar) to kickstart a new financial year health jag, but now will reconsider – or include protein shakes into the mix.

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