Do Your Healthy Choices Stall Your Weight Loss?

You’ve quit sugar over the past month, tried to stop drinking as much alcohol as you usually do and your fridge looks like it is straight out of an organic grocery- but your tummy still won’t lose a cm. What’s going on?

Perhaps the very ‘healthy’ pursuits you are adopting are exactly what is causing your weight loss to stall. In order of most common culprits I hear from our Hypoxi clients here is our list of ‘healthy’ habits that stall your fat loss:

  • You are eating too much – even though it is clean and healthy: Just because it is organic, full of healthy fat and brimming with antioxidants, doesn’t mean you can go overboard. Yes, that means a small handful of almonds, not a giant fist full. And yes, it means attacking the whole large punnet of strawberries isn’t exactly advantageous.
  •  The healthy foods you are eating aren’t agreeing with you: Your body has unique biochemistry, which react to nutrients differently from one person to the next. Foods that typically cause problems are nuts, gluten, dairy and soy. All such foods that are staples in most people’s ‘low fat’, ‘calcium enriched’ diet. Cut them out. I think you will be rather surprised…
  • You neglect breakfast: Breakfast establishes your metabolic rate for the day. Choosing a small breakfast will physically leave you crashing by 10am and reaching for the skinny muffin and skim latte. Furthermore, it will mentally leave you thinking that you’ve been saintly by ‘cutting back’. I guarantee you will more likely splurge later on in the day as you are unable to sustain your ‘calorie reduced’ mindset.
  • Using ‘Diet’ Foods: For sure sugar free and fat free foods do usually contain fewer calories and so it goes without saying you might think they will serve you well in your fat loss goals. Take a look at the ingredients list first and try to work out what nutrients (if at all) are held within the aforementioned ‘100 calorie cookie’. If something is devoid of fat, it is usually amped up with artificial sugar, which generally leaves you craving more sugar. Finally without the precious fats, your body so desperately needs you will most likely remain unfulfilled and hungry.

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