Health to Glow Episode One

Welcome to Health To Glow TV a brand new segment on my blogI am really happy to finally share something that I am passionate about…above and beyond writing too much!

Join my good mate Melissa and I for weekly videos where we will be sharing our love and passion for healthy clean living. Without giving away all the juicy details…please have a look, it’s 10 minutes of kitchen fun which I want to share with you!

I hope you like our first video thanks to Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar books.

Be sure to subscribe to our channel and comment below lovelies.

Thanks for all those people who have inspired me along the way…




4 thoughts on “Health to Glow Episode One

  1. Thanks so much! I love this!! There are so many bad foods and nasty influences around today to make it hard to eat healthy. Its so refreshing whenever I find healthy encouragement! Thanks again!!

  2. Hi ladies,
    This may seem like an odd question but I too am far from a domestic goddess- where do I buy all the ingredients? Are they all at the supermarket? or do I need to shop at health food store?
    Great first episode by the way. Looking good Holly.

    • Cheers Lauren!

      A health food store will stock all of those ingredients.

      That being said, I have seen Coconut Oil in Coles and Woolies last I visited AND they have Nutvia (Stevia) in the Sugar section. It is in a green packet…so perhaps you can indeed grab everything from your supermarket…

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