I am a freelance writer with an interest in living and eating healthily.

I don’t think being healthy is complicated. Health to me is not about delving into the Amazon for the latest freeze dried wonder food- rather it is about relishing the delight of a double yolk in a pastured egg or scraping the last remnants of an in season avocado.

I love whole foods – and I am fascinated by everyones desire to pop a pill for their ill,
I am here to show you how your chronic headaches, stomach bloating sessions, insomnia or acne could all be avoided with proper food.

Along the way you will see what I eat (because we all love living vicariously through other peoples choices) and read the latest health news foraging that I’ve happened upon.

My love for health goes hand in hand with an active lifestyle, thus, many of the recipes I bring are healthy, nourishing and figure friendly.

That is to say – while I love coconut oil, almonds, big helpings of meat on the bone, a few beautiful big slices of sprouted bread – I also understand that food is energy and anything consumed to excess is not figure friendly.

A little aside- I eventually want to help people with their physique and health goals, and thus, am slowly becoming a Certified Sports Nutritionist

….watch this space.

As a journalist – I am prepared to read between the lines, to discover what truly is healthy for us vs. what we are fed to believe.

Being healthy is so sexy when done with ease.

Just follow me….. 😉



8 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi Holly! I’m Olivia Rockwell’s mum, Jane…now Harold…and I have been back in the US for about 14 years. I saw your blog on Mindy’s FB page and started reading it. I love what you write and have to say about good health and food. I have been a vegetarian for 13 years…nearly a vegan. Yes, no more roasts on Sunday night for me! Thank you for your post on calcium. Especially the reminder about weight bearing work to really get your bones into good shape!

    • Hey Jane! Of course I know you! So glad you like my blog. 🙂
      A lot of my friends are vego so stay tuned, I’ve got a few recipes up my sleeve.

      Thanks for popping by and if you have any queries I am happy to answer them.

  3. Hi Holly, great to find you! We have whole food and writing in common. It is always inspiring to meet other people who are passionate as I am about telling the world that living a whole food life is easier than you think and a wonderful path to great health and energy. I look forward to following along. Nikki

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