Health to Glow- Episode 14…SALT and why it isn’t bad.

This week..salt….that delectably ‘sinful’ ingredient that is supposed to be a cardiac nightmare..

I have written about the topic before….

AND…moving on from the health aspect…

salt tastes good!

As an ingredient in dishes, salt has two vital roles. First, it diminishes the bitterness of dishes (hello rocket/dandelion and other leafy greens). Secondly, through stamping out any bitter notes of your dish, salt will encourage the taste and smell of your meal to  shine on.

Making for one delectable dish..

And as an aside and of some/lots of interest…

…which for stress heads is a plus…

and for girls desperate to start reducing that puffy, swollen look often apparent in the abdomen, this is another factor to consider. High cortisol levels generally make themselves known through stomach fat. Urgh! usual I digress..

Watch the vid and see what salt Mel and I choose to use..

..and please don’t pursue the usual salt a little and buy good quality salt with added mineral content!





Health to Glow Episode 12 – DIY Cleaning Products..for the time poor

I am the first person to admit that I am slap dash and lack attention to detail at the best of times (hairbrush? eye brows?  potential typo in post should go back and re-check…urghh to hard!)

Which is why I implore you to watch this video and see how EASY it is to make your own NON-TOXIC cleaners.

There is something massively satisfying about making your own from scratch, particularly when it is pathetically simple.

I feel chuffed.

A little smug.

That my house smells like lavendar, peppermint, ylang ylang…whatever suits the mood and has been scrubbed to perfection (well my version of it) without the need to invest in suspect blue goops that clear the nose and throat like Vix Vapour Rub.

Further to the point, I am not inhaling weird plastic by products that have been shown time and time again to disrupt the endocrine system ergo your hormones/period/ fertility (this is among other things…but given the vast majority of my readers are women I will get to the heart of the matter)

As I have PCOS, I am cautious to adopt any practice that will further my already corrupted body!

So- with this all said and done….

..please sit down, watch, get  a pen, jot down what you require on the back of your hand and get domestic in the name of household and environmental cleanliness! 





Health to Glow Episode 11- Mercury OverLOAD!

Mercury overload is quite common and many people don’t even know they have it.

But after getting a hair analysis test the results were in – we both had highly toxic levels of mercury in our system. I blame my tuna addiction while backpacking. But apparently just living in Sydney is enough!

Indeed, it is only when I found out I had it and started talking about it, I discovered how prevalent it was!

Thus began our journey to clean and heal ourselves from the inside out.

This is where I stumbled upon the wonders of tea to heal. And now I just drink this because it is

good for your skin!

Sarah Wilson has also written extensively on the process of detoxing mercury. 

Have you experienced high levels of mercury? If so how did you heal yourself?

Health to Glow Episode 10- SMOOTHIES! Yum!

This week watch Mel and I whip up TWO delicious smoothies using Coconut Water.

Mel and I were lucky enough to stumble upon CHI coconut water which is the


coconut water on the Australian market.

More importantly, it is the only coconut water that I have found comes vaguely close to the REAL thing!

If you want a laugh, have a look at me trying to down a banana smoothie at the end…

Anyone who knows me, knows I HATE BANANA’s! 

The things I do in the name of education/entertainment/heath….

Health to Glow Episode 9- Delicious Delights, Guilt Free Chocolate Mousse!


So a while back I ranted on about my Chocolate Ice Cream…I didn’t get a massive vote of confidence from many as the main ingredients was..


And I think most people can’t seem to wrap their head around a savoury staple being morphed into a decadent chocolate cream.

Trust me, it’s been done, and it is

a little bit amazing…

Watch Mel and I tackle the EASIEST dish since a cheese toastie and eat half the contents of the food processor…

I implore anyone who manages to snatch a cheap box of avocados to make one big batch and freeze some for later and eat the rest now….

You will thank me.




Health to Glow Episode 7 – SWAP Supermarkets for Farmers Markets!

One of the best things you can do for your health is start shopping at your local farmers market. Not only will this guarantee you and your family are getting the freshest produce possible, but also the best quality. Fresh fruit and vegetables sans the chemicals….sounds good to me!

Join Mel and I as we introduce you to the beautiful Happy and Kath from Field to Feast, as they talk passionately about chemical free produce and the importance of buying straight from the farmer, not the supermarket!

We challenge you to do your shopping this week at the farmers market!

Go on, we dare you….

P.S Stay tuned for my blog post this WEDNESDAY regarding Organic produce…is it all that it is hyped up to be? Watch the VIDEO and I will tell all this Wednesday. x

Health to Glow Episode 6


This week Mel and I are talking sugar.

Now before you get your knickers in a knot and start removing all trace elements of the sweet stuff from your diets – there are some sugars that nourish and support you.

Choosing the, “all or nothing approach” is

-drastically boring

-drastically difficult

-drastically unrealistic

..and won’t make you the poster child for healthy eating.

While I live by a ‘low sugar’ lifestyle. 

I eat fruit…

and I don’t damn its fructose content.

There is a bunch of other stuff happening in that morsel of a blueberry, apple or orange you are devouring than sugar itself. These all have a massive impact on how your body digests and uses the sugar contained in it.

Indeed, contrary to popular opinion there is no significant evidence that fructose is the evil fattening toxin that people are claiming it to be. And for one more good read – take a look here – sugar is not fattening. 


Perhaps the most ‘dangerous’ aspect of sugar is its ability to lead to overconsumption. Period.

But I would wager that not many people can down a watermelon in one sitting. Or would want to for that matter.

Drinking soft drink laced with sugar or a large fructose sweetened beverage won’t keep your appetite at bay. Generally, when someone adds a wholesome form of sugar (as in fruit) into their diet, they will reduce their food consumption elsewhere.

The moral of the story is once again – listen to your body- and don’t believe everything you read.

..Oh and take a look at the ‘crap’ sugar Mel and I are ranting on about in the film. Far too often this sweetener is being recommended because it’s ‘LOW G.I’. Regardless, it is pure fructose at its best…

..Above and beyond this rant…your thoughts on sugars?

Has reducing them in your life helped or hindered you?




Health to Glow Episode 4

Melissa and I, debate the pro’s and cons of deodorant and perfume – should you, shouldn’t you?

…if you want to embrace a ‘cleaner’ ‘friendlier’ fragrance, Mel and I suggest essential oils.

Let me know – what’s your favourite essential oil?

I LOVE Geranium.

Smells divine on and lasts and lasts and lasts…

Health to Glow Episode 3


Can’t Live Without Fat….pretty much says it all…


What is your favourite fat source?

Meat, Coconut Oil, Quality Butter?…

I personally love it because it stops me from crashing in the afternoon and reaching for a sugar fix.

Give it a go – add some good fat to your breakfast and watch your energy levels stay at their peak ALL DAY long.





Health to Glow Episode 2

Want to impress everyone with Homemade mayonnaise, without all the weird additives?

Watch the second episode of Health to Glow to find out how!

Yum..goes excellent with a bit of Wild Atlantic Salmon or on your work day salad.

In fact- a little goes a long way, and if you use it for your weekday lunch box salad, you can guarantee your dressing won’t leak throughout your bag! Bonus, I say.

Hope you guys enjoy the video, Mel and I had a ball making it…

– I just love the look of intense concentration on my face! 😉

Feel free to share it with loved ones..hey, they might even make some for you it’s that easy!

Have a great Monday,

Holly x