Health to Glow Episode 9- Delicious Delights, Guilt Free Chocolate Mousse!


So a while back I ranted on about my Chocolate Ice Cream…I didn’t get a massive vote of confidence from many as the main ingredients was..


And I think most people can’t seem to wrap their head around a savoury staple being morphed into a decadent chocolate cream.

Trust me, it’s been done, and it is

a little bit amazing…

Watch Mel and I tackle the EASIEST dish since a cheese toastie and eat half the contents of the food processor…

I implore anyone who manages to snatch a cheap box of avocados to make one big batch and freeze some for later and eat the rest now….

You will thank me.





Health to Glow Episode 3


Can’t Live Without Fat….pretty much says it all…


What is your favourite fat source?

Meat, Coconut Oil, Quality Butter?…

I personally love it because it stops me from crashing in the afternoon and reaching for a sugar fix.

Give it a go – add some good fat to your breakfast and watch your energy levels stay at their peak ALL DAY long.