Gourmet Pate Recipe

You would be right in thinking I am a little bit of a fish freak.

 Yep- I was a polar bear in my former life.

 But I just love the stuff and I guess I am lucky that fish and seafood in general are nutritional powerhouses. Even if they weren’t, I would still eat them for no other reason than pure happiness.

There are a few minerals, fats and amino acids that our body just doesn’t make on its own.

Omega 3’s are one of them.

Which is why it is vital that people actively choose foods that are essential for development and ulitmate nourishment.

 Going through the scant shelves of a boutique deli recently, I was trying to find the perfect dip accompaniment for my crudités. (As you do)

I am often left searching for that perfect ‘convenience’ food and left without hope when I realise that half the ingredients on the list are just too suspect for my liking. It is an annoying habit of mine, if I am not fully aware of a component/additive I hesitate to purchase.

 The search for aforementioned dip, proved futile when I decided that my hope in finding a dip sans canola oil or sunflower oil was null and void.

 Is it that hard to use a nice nousihing oil, or am I only going to be able to buy PUFA (Omega 6) bombs every time I buy ANYTHING in a package?

Then there are the additives. Dubious delights of corn fillers, xantham gums and potassium sorbates.

What if I just want to eat food?

 Once again, I was left to fend for myself.

But as we know, necessity is the mother of invention and I have happened upon a very easy, very tasty dip that can be transported to work or a lazy Sunday BBQ and met with praise on your professionalism.

‘Oh this pate, oh yes I slaved over it for hours, do you know how long pate takes to make?’

 And with that being said, I bring to you, the easiest, tastiest and potentially trendiest Smoked Trout Pate.


 1. Smoked Ocean Trout Fillet, skin and bones removed.

2.Half a tub of Quark, good quality Cottage Cheese, Cream Cheese or strained Natural Yoghurt (I tend to eyeball things. I would say this is about 300g)

3. Squeeze of Lemon Juice

4. Teaspoon of Horseradish (if you have it…not necessary but a great kick!)


 Whizz all the ingredients in a blender and pop on a serving platter with a dollop of dill.
Serve with veggie crudités.

(Terribly arduous I know)




Feel free to use a tin of salmon or tuna if time isn’t on your side and you only have a supermarket to run to!

Happy Friday and get blending!


Easy Mayonnaise for the culinary inept

Photo Credits: jules:stonesoup’s

I love creamy mayonnaise and I am all for taking shortcuts where needs be.
But I can’t for the life of me find a good quality mayonnaise which has ingredients that assist my desire to eat foods that are easy on my digestion and sans words that I can’t read.

I’ve always wanted to make mayo – but have been too scared. Wasting two perfectly good egg yolks and a whole cup of quality oil, quite frankly, frightens me and the fear of loss far outweighs the joy of potential consumption. Furthermore, I am aware of the need to ’emulisfy’ the ingredients – a term which does not enter my simple, technically devoid approach in the kitchen.

Which is why my life has been persistently mayo free for quite some time- much to my dissatisfaction.

This is until I chanced upon a video that finally demonstrated that yes- mayo could be made without skill or finesse and patience.

A stick blender!

Why had I never thought of this? With a little attention to detail (make sure you don’t look away…concentrate for 2 minutes….that’s all!) This mayo is thick, luxurious and does not require you to stand over a bowl, artfully trying to circulate your arms to prevent the ingredients from splitting.

Want mayo in a few sexy seconds?

Read on..


2 egg yolks – fresh eggs, from the market – old ones just don’t work!
1 T – lemon juice – freshly squeezed or organic bottled
1 T apple cider vinegar or white wine vinegar
3/4 tsp. salt – Real Redmond Salt or Sea Salt
1/8 tsp. sugar
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
1 cup cold pressed macadamia oil

This recipes makes approximately 500g…give or take…


1. Crack your egg yolks into a large cylindrical jar ( I like to use the same jar that I will be storing it in..saves cleaning time. Just make sure your stick blender fits in it!)

2. Add all your other ingredients except for the oil.

3. Now add the oil. That’s right, pour it all in!

4. Get your stick blender and place it firmly into your jar and press the bottom of the jar slightly with the base of your blender. Now, with the lower speed option (if just one speed that’s fine) pulse for one second. Stop. Pulse for another second. Stop. Repeat once more.

5. Now start lifting the stick blender up and down, slowly on high speed and watch it emulsify and feel it get thicker!

6. Seal the jar and store it in the fridge!

You can try different oil combinations….I’ve used Extra Virgin Olive Oil before….it was a little too intense. Maybe runny coconut oil would be lovely too?