Health to Glow Episode 8- What’s in YOUR Basket?

It’s Monday…sigh….

…here is a little video to add to your procrastination routine. 

Last week, Melissa and I roamed the Bondi Farmers Markets, making fools of ourselves and catching up with the local farmers. (Oh the novelty of finally saying my friend is a farmer)

Whilst there, we ran into good friend of ours Lee Holmes from Supercharged Food. After a catch up in the warm winter sun Lee showed us what was in her shopping basket. Or rather, we tore it from her and had a good sticky beak!

Check out the video above to see how this health guru eats.

Tell us below in the comments what is one veggie you always get on your shopping tip?

Mine is a few heads of broccoli and a good cos lettuce!

Melissa always gets kale and leafy greens.

What’s  yours?